Our team and strategic advisors have successfully invested across all investment stages and through several complete economic cycles, which gives us the necessary experience to handle the challenges which inevitably arise when growing an investee company whether organically or through acquisition. The team has +75 years combined experience of successful investing in the markets targeted. 

Vaalon Capital seeks to pursue a highly opportunistic investment approach unhindered by the bureaucracy and rigidity of legacy funds. We engage primarily with companies with an enterprise value of +$100 million. However, our target equity ‘ticket’ size starts at $15 million and rises to $75 million – larger amounts may be invested in a single commitment or in multiple funding rounds based either upon agreed milestones or market opportunities including M&A situations.

We ideally seek to identify opportunities with exposure to both more stable developed markets and higher growth developing markets - typically target companies will have operations in more than one jurisdiction - as we believe this mix provides a balance between the volatility often present in higher growth but less developed emerging markets and the stability and predictability of more developed economies.

Fundamental to our strategy are:

  • An entrepreneurial yet disciplined investment approach.

  • A desire to identify strong management teams and/or teams which can relatively easily be strengthened.

  • Experience of many years of investing in the geographic regions targeted including several emerging markets.

  • A commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, execution and governance (corporate, social, environmental).