Vaalon Capital seeks to invest in a broad cross-section of scalable global businesses. While actual experience of past investments and sectors inevitably means that there is an affinity with certain sectors, our aim remains to be more opportunistic in selecting transactions / opportunities, with a preference for focusing on the prospects of a particular transaction rather than its sector fit. As a general rule, investments targeted will typically exhibit several of the following attributes:

  • An experienced, driven, talented and motivated management team (or the core of such)

  • Sound business strategy

  • A strong market position/niche and product portfolio

  • Ideally already operating in multiple jurisdictions

  • Defendable margins with opportunities for expansion including through operational improvement

  • Stable cash-flows

  • High returns on internally invested capital

  • Attractive prospects for organic or acquisition-based growth – includes, inter alia, sector consolidation through select and carefully targeted M&A to facilitate entry into new markets

We have experience of and will consider both listed or unlisted businesses with strong fundamentals and where added value can be generated from a variety of strategic and/or financial engineering possibilities.


We also target businesses with a desire to expand internationally and whose growth can be predicted with relative certainty due to drivers such as market liberalization in a particular sector and/or economic and demographic trends.

We believe that local knowledge and relationships are invaluable elements of our investment approach, especially when it comes to enabling businesses to expand internationally.

Our team and strategic advisors have significant experience of investing and operating in multiple different countries and Vaalon Capital investee companies benefit from access to our networks and relationships in jurisdictions including:

  • The United States of America

  • Western Europe

  • Northern Europe including the Baltics

  • Central Europe (e.g. Poland; Czech)

  • Israel

  • South Eastern Europe (e.g. Croatia; Macedonia) and including Turkey

  • North Africa (e.g. Morocco and Egypt)

  • West Africa (e.g. Nigeria; Ghana; Liberia; Sierra Leone)

  • Southern Africa (e.g. South Africa; Namibia; Zambia)